DM & Jemini Twenty-Six Inch EP

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Neither beholden to underground mores nor reliant on commercial tactics, Danger Mouse & Jemini have colonized hip-hop's middle ground, a realm dormant since the late 1990s. Here, the duo capitalize on DM's Grey Album notoriety, reminding us that last year's Ghetto Pop Life (from which this EP draws remix material) is ripe for the canon. Tastiest of all the re-rolled joints is the producer's 26 remix of "What U Sitting On?," featuring Cee-Lo's charmingly demented crooning and Tha Alkaholiks' lascivious come-ons. Later, "Ghetto Pop Life II" drains the original song of its symphonic splendor, slowing Jem's boastful hook in the service of lazy summer afternoon listening. If you've got 'em, smoke 'em.