Two Fingers Two Fingers


This debut from Brazilian icon Amon Tobin and collaborator Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman takes psych hip-hop one step forward. A quick listen could prompt suspicions that the duo scanned the Cliff Notes for Timbaland, but the acid-melted percussion and fluid rhythms recall Tobin’s ’00 masterwork, Supermodified. “What You Know”’s clanging Middle Eastern beats resemble those of the Tobin oldie, “Saboteur,” while the closer, “Moth Rhythm,” is electro-fried funk at its galactic best. Yet the album’s true centerpiece is MC Sway, a North London rapper whose deft vocal acrobatics occasionally slip words off his tongue faster than the mind can process them, as heard on “Not Perfect.” Two Fingers just might be taking hip-hop into the ’10s.