Kid Sister Ultraviolet

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Ultraviolet took three years to come out, but that duration only confronts the listener on "Pro Nails," the Kanye-guesting acrylics jam that broke Kid Sister: it sounds not so much dated as simply known—a remarkable shelf life for a blog hit. Nothing here challenges its single potential, but Ultraviolet thumps throughout (courtesy of production from boyfriend A-Trak, XXXchange, et al.), equal parts anthem-house and straight-up joyrapping. But some of its best moments are not the party-rocking ones, as "Let Me Bang 2009" rides on a tip-toey keyboard loop and a chorus that slouches into place, and "You Ain't Really Down" is Neneh Cherry-esque R&B, complete with Fairlight stabs. Turns out three years is neither too late nor on time.