Various Artists Watch and Repeat Play

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This megamix by Buddy Peace and ZILLA testifies to Warp Records' continued vitality in IDM/hip-hop/post-rock realms. The CD, which accompanies the excellent WarpVision: The Videos 1989-2004 DVD, telescopes a huge chunk of Warp's catalog into 54 minutes. In the tradition of the Blech mix, Watch And Repeat Play is part savvy promo device for ADD sufferers and part exhibition of deft mixing skills, cleverly threading teasing snippets of the label's greatest bits. When your roster's this deep and talented (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Boards Of Canada, Prefuse 73, Beans, REQ, Broadcast, etc.), you could issue these sorts of comps 'til doomsday.