Banco De Gaia You Are Here

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Channeling Pink Floyd's moody chords and The Orb's signature dubbyness (plane flying overhead, Tuvan throatsinger), Toby Marks (a.k.a. Banco De Gaia) nonetheless evolves beyond influences, finessing mellow to manic and back. Tracks on You Are Here are tempered with humor, such as "Zeus No Like Techno" (every oontz and thoompa receiving Zorba the Greek-esque twang) and "Tongue in Chic," with its electro-esque arpeggiations. Elsewhere, the title track honors electronic godfather Jean-Michel Jarre's seminal organic swooshes and worldly warbling, and Marks dabbles in politics with the caustic commentary of "Waking Up In Waco" and "Still Life." Marks' message? You Are Here. My message? Buy his record.