To add tickets follow these simple steps:

  1. Login into your account
  2. Click on My Events
  3. Select to edit event
  4. Scroll down to ticket section and click “Add Ticket”
    • You will be able to set:
    • start/end times of sales
    • price point (in USD)
    • different ticket tiers
    • total ticket stock for each ticket tier
    • total # tickets a person can buy at one time.
  5. ** TIPS: If you want the lower price tier at the top, start by adding the higher tiers first (as you add new tiers old ones move down)
  6. To access list of attendees, simply click on “Attendees”
  7. To access sales report, click on “Sales Report”.
  8. You may export Attendee list in .csv or email it to yourself.
  9. Customers can purchase tickets either using Paypal or credit card.

For settlement, we can pay out either via Paypal or we can mail a check (ACH available for US customers).


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