XLR8R's Best of 2017: Top Downloads (100-51)
Check out the 100 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section this year.

Over the last year, every day of the week XLR8R has released at least one track via our downloads section. If you were to browse through the tracks featured this year, you’d find minimalistic ju…

XLR8R's Top 10 Downloads of August
Check out the 10 most popular tracks to hit our downloads section last month.

It’s with great anticipation that we load up the analytics each month to tabulate the most popular tracks to land in XLR8R’s downloads section. You see, although you’ll find a wide-r…

Acid Castello 'Navigator 101'

On September 29, 51Beats will release the debut album from Acid Castello. Acid Castello is a trio of Italian producers consisting of Marcio McFly, Bhonz, and Endo who craft analog techno and tripped-o…


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