20 Questions: Magda
The Polish-born DJ-producer talks Lionel Richie, PERM events, and Terry Riley.

Magda is another one of those artists who shouldn’t really need an introduction. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, learni…

Podcast 499: The Kicks
Maayan Nidam and Alex Picone share two recordings from their improvisational live project.

The Kicks is an improvisational project with changing members run by Maayan Nidam and Alex Picone. By inviting various artists and experimenting with a variety of gear, the duo aims to “push the…

Intrinsic Completes Lineup
We also did a small Q&A with the curator in advance of the event on August 4 - 7.

As previously announced, the first ever Intrinsic Festival will take place in France this August. Launched in London two years ago, Intrinsic has put on several events focussing on audiovisual and amb…


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