Studio Essentials: Varg
One of the electronic music's most prolific producers talks us through his studio gear.

Varg is Jonas Rönnberg—a prolific yet utterly unpredictable producer based in Sweden. Under this alias, he blends experimental techno statements and self-assertive live performances with an agility an…

Premiere: Hear a Cut from The Empire Line on Shifted's Avian Label
'Syndicat de la Couture' EP is scheduled for January 23 release.

Scandinavian multi-disciplinary artists Jonas Rönnberg and Christian Stadsgaard have joined Avian as The Empire Line for the Syndicat de la Couture  EP . AVN028 marks the duo’s debut on Guy BrewerR…

The Empire Line Debuts on Avian
'Syndicat de la Couture' is due out January 23, 2017.

Avian will release the debut record from The Empire Line. The Empire Line is a new project by Northern Electronics co-founder Varg and Posh Isolation co-founder Christian Stadsgaard. Their forthcoming…


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