20 Questions: Magda
The Polish-born DJ-producer talks Lionel Richie, PERM events, and Terry Riley.

Magda is another one of those artists who shouldn’t really need an introduction. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, learni…

Trentemøller Shares Documentary Video
The hour-long video is streaming here now.

Exactly one year after the release of his fourth album Fixion, Trentemøller has shared a full, hour-long music documentary by Thomas Jessen, Julie Runa, and Kristian Pedersen. Starting with impression…

Terence Fixmer Lines Up Next Ostgut Ton EP
'Force' EP is scheduled for July 28 release.

Terence Fixmer will release a new solo EP with Ostgut Ton. Fixmer has been active under various guises (such as Eisbär, Cyborg, Gemini 9, and Scanner) since the early ’90s, occupying his own nic…

Pearson Sound & Terence Fixmer Remix Depeche Mode
'Where's The Revolution Remixes' will be released on April 18.

Depeche Mode’s “Where’s The Revolution” has been given the remix treatment. The British electronic band’s track “Where’s The Revolution” is the first si…

Dave Clarke Reveals Record Store Day Vinyl
'Charcoal Eyes: A selection of remixes from Amsterdam' is out April 16.

British producer Dave Clarke has announced an exclusive Record Store Day release comprising a host of remixes made by himself, out in April. Clarke has been central to the development of British techn…

Nisennenmondai Shares Details of Next Album
‘#N/A’ is out April 1.

Japanese experimental trio Nisennenmondai have announced the details of their next album, to be released at the beginning of April. Nisennenmondai are Masako Takada, Sayaka Himeno and Yuri Zaikawa, a …


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