XLR8R's Best of 2017: Labels
Here are some of the year's best homes for great music, as chosen by the XLR8R staff.

Record labels play a major though often underestimated role in defining our musical tastes. The growth of the internet, and that of Soundcloud and Spotify, has made access to music far easier than it …

Get Familiar: DJ Seinfeld
One of lo-fi house's leading names discusses inspirations, his debut album, and the position of the genre.

In less than a year DJ Seinfeld has become an extraordinarily influential figure in house music. What’s remarkable is that he’s done so with a series of subtle, slow burn productions that have come to…

DJ Seinfeld Announces Debut LP
'Time Spent Away From U' LP is scheduled for November 3 release.

DJ Seinfeld’s debut album Time Spent Away From U will land on Lobster Fury November 3. DJ Seinfeld is the alias of Armand Jakobsson, an artist also known as Rimbaudian and Birds of Sweden. Under these…


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