Jan Jelinek Reissues Classic Album
'Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records' will be available to buy again from April 28.

Jan Jelinek is set to re-release his classic Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records LP. The German musician’s album was originally released back in 2001 on ~scape, the now defunct label coordinated by Stefan…

Podcast 468: Jan Jelinek
The German musician patches together a mix inspired by his summer in LA.

In recent years especially, deep has become a term that is often tossed around liberally in relation to music productions—a buzzword of sorts, which can conveniently be ascribed to a multitude of styl…

Farben "Lucifer Rising"

Seasoned Berlin-based producer Farben (a.k.a. Jan Jelinek)—who has also accrued a wide number of additional aliases throughout the years—is now set to release his new LP James DIN A4 on April 18 via h…


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