Ask the Experts: DVS1
Zak Khutoretsky imparts his wisdom on DJing, music production, mastering, and everything in between.

In the latter half of 2016, news hit that Zak Khutoretsky (a.k.a. DVS1) was making plans for HUSH’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Through those past two decades, the HUSH umbrella has covered all of …

DVS1 Celebrates 20 Years of HUSH with New Double Pack
'HUSH 20' is due out January 30.

DVS1 has a new release on the way. Zak Khutoretsky (a.k.a. DVS1) kicked off the two decades of HUSH celebrations late last year, marking the occasion with a European tour (which began with The Wall of…

DVS1 Announces HUSH 20
The Minneapolis native is going on European tour in celebration of 20 years of HUSH.

Zak Khutoretsky (a.k.a. DVS1) has revealed details of his HUSH 20 European tour. In a statement made via his Facebook account, Khutoretsky yesterday announced that he would be going on European tour t…


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