20 Questions: Magda
The Polish-born DJ-producer talks Lionel Richie, PERM events, and Terry Riley.

Magda is another one of those artists who shouldn’t really need an introduction. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, learni…

Hype Williams Prep New LP
'Rainbow Edition' LP is scheduled for August 25 release.

Hype Williams will release a new LP this August, titled Rainbow Edition. Hype Williams is the experimental music/art project of UK-born artist Dean Blunt and Russian-born artist Inga Copeland between …

Inga Copeland "Trample"

Sometimes, making blunted beats out of esoteric found audio and doing warped Sade covers with your good buddy just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you’ve got to walk that road alone, too. Such is…


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