Studio Essentials: Varg
One of the electronic music's most prolific producers talks us through his studio gear.

Varg is Jonas Rönnberg—a prolific yet utterly unpredictable producer based in Sweden. Under this alias, he blends experimental techno statements and self-assertive live performances with an agility an…

Pioneer DJ Launches WeDJ iPhone App
It can be downloaded for free until November 28.

Pioneer has taken WeDJ to iPhone. The app, which was originally available only on iPad, has been optimized for use on iPhones. It allows users to mix tracks without the need for hardware, by lifting t…

Takete Releases Latest Update for iPad
The comprehensive A/V app is available for download via the App Store.

Since the initial release of the unique audio-visual app Takete for iOS, the developers at Refined Stochastic Technology have worked tirelessly to expand and improve the programs capabilities. Along w…

Gear Review: Eventide Harmonizer H9
Five pedals in one: XLR8R explores the versatile new multi-effects processor from Eventide.

Ever since the 1970’s, Eventide has been a name strongly associated with high quality and innovative studio effects. The known classics—namely the H910, H949,  H3000, or the more modern H8000FW multi-…

Interview: Fugue Machine's Alexandernaut
The developer and musician presents new approach to sequencing, with the help of a few extra playheads.

Fugue Machine is the work of Alexandernaut (a.k.a. developer and musician Alexander Randon), who has the excellent apps Arpeggionome and Arpio under his creative belt. And, like many tools, Fugue Mach…


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