Podcast 414: The Drifter
The Irish DJ-producer and Maeve label head returns to XLR8R with 80 minutes of house-and-techno joy.

In his Bubblin’ Up piece for XLR8R earlier this year, Mark Flynn (a.k.a. The Drifter) explained the details of his rise. In short, the story goes something like this: Having left his hometown of Greys…

Slowburn "First One Back"

Slowburn (a.k.a. Dave Hargadon and Phil Long) has been putting its name to discerning house and techno cuts for some time now, appearing on renowned labels such as Uzuri and Austere. The duo’s l…

Bubblin' Up: The Drifter
Following a good friend's footsteps, Mark Flynn finds the way forward.

It’s known for a plethora of quality exports, but—despite the Irish heritage of artists like Niall “Mano Le Tough” Mannion—Ireland isn’t considered a particularly renowned hot …


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