XLR8R's Best of 2017: Tracks
We present just some of our favorite tunes of the last 12 months.

With our Best Releases of the year now out of the way, we move onto our best tracks. Discussion and debate on this list started several weeks ago when an internal message posted the question: what are…

100% Silk Hits 100th Release
'Sensate Silk' is due out January 27, 2017.

100% Silk’s 100th release will be an 11-track compilation. The LA-based label launched in 2011, as a dance and electronic-focussed sub-division of the long-standing Not Not Fun. Its 100th releas…

Podcast 460: Prins Thomas
The Norwegian artist drops a varied 70 minutes, taking in everything from electro to house and acid.

At some point, all ears are likely to have been exposed to some form of space disco—a wave of jolly, synth-heavy productions, which took direction from decades of disco and electronic music before it.…


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