Get Familiar: Photay
One of New York's rising talents talks inspirations and processes behind his latest LP.

The great outdoors plays a big part in the music of New York’s Evan Shornstein. As electronic producer Photay, he fashions meticulous tracks loaded with field recordings made in the wild and earthy pe…

Studio Essentials: Jeroen Search
The Dutch techno veteran speaks on the synths that have been essential during his two decade career.

Longevity in the techno world isn’t the easiest feat to pull off. Having the essential understanding of the sound, as well as the additional flare, is one thing, but holding onto it is something else.…

Check Out a First Look at Korg's Minilogue
Point Blank's sound design instructor Paul Ressel runs through Korg's latest analogue synth.

In the above video, Point Blank’s sound design instructor Paul Ressel walks through Korg’s brand new analogue synth the Korg Minilogue, a four-voice poly synth with built-in sequencer and …


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