Lyon's Nuits Sonores Festival Details 2018 Daytime Schedule
Lanark Artefax, Call Super, Objekt, Floating Points, Pan Daijing, and more will all play.

Lyon’s Nuits Sonores Festival has confirmed its daytime schedule for the upcoming 2018 edition. A Day With is one of the main programs of the annual event. Each year, the festival invites three …

Houndstooth to Release T. S. Eliot-Inspired Compilation
'In Death's Dream Kingdom' will land on January 26.

Fabric’s Houndstooth label will soon release In Death’s Dream Kingdom, a compilation featuring tracks from Pan Daijing, Lanark Artefax, Shapednoise, and more. The compilation title draws i…

XLR8R's Best of 2017: Labels
Here are some of the year's best homes for great music, as chosen by the XLR8R staff.

Record labels play a major though often underestimated role in defining our musical tastes. The growth of the internet, and that of Soundcloud and Spotify, has made access to music far easier than it …

XLR8R's Best of 2017: New Artists
We salute this year's breakthrough artists.

Collating the New Artists list is an unenviable task. How do you determine “new? It’s always a hard one using the word “best.” It’s never easy. But let it be said that 2017 was chall…

Lee Gamble’s UIQ Welcomes Sim Hutchins
'Vantablank Stare' EP is scheduled for June 22 release.

Lee Gamble’s UIQ will release a new conceptual EP from Sim Hutchins, titled Vantablank Stare. Vantablank Stare is an A/V project born from a personal discontent with the vacuous repetition of 24-hour …


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