XLR8R's Best of 2017: Tracks
We present just some of our favorite tunes of the last 12 months.

With our Best Releases of the year now out of the way, we move onto our best tracks. Discussion and debate on this list started several weeks ago when an internal message posted the question: what are…

Cloudface Returns to Mood Hut
'Super You' EP is scheduled for October release.

Vancouver artist David Reynolds (a.k.a Cloudface) will return to Mood Hut with a new EP, Super You. The three-track EP lands in October, four years after Devonian Garden, the 12-inch that launched the…

Mood Hut Announces Neo Image EP
'MH017' is due out soon.

Mood Hut has revealed its next release. The next EP on the Vancouver-based imprint is an untitled five-tracker by Neo Image—the first full solo release from Chad Thiessen’s alias. It’s a n…


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