Real Talk: Anja Schneider
Having recently left her Mobilee home, the German artist explains why we too should value creativity over commercialism.

Anja Schneider recently left mobilee, the label she founded over 12 years ago. It was big news, to say the least. Schneider had enjoyed great success as a head of a widely acclaimed and leading house …

Anja Schneider Soul Traveler EP
The Mobilee label's leader offers a warm and rich threesome of sophisticated club cuts.

Last year, Berlin’s Anja Schneider celebrated the tenth anniversary of Mobilee, the label she founded with partner Ralf Kollmann; XLR8R helped to mark that milestone with a Schneider podcast, wh…

Trainwreck: Rodriguez Jr.
The Mobilee mainstay, who's playing the Minimal Effort affair on Halloween, bravely faces crude accommodations, shotgun threats…and gabber requests.

You’re most likely familiar with Olivier Mateu under his current moniker, Rodriguez Jr.—and if you’re not, get acquainted ASAP, as the French-born artist, a mainstay of Anja Schneider and …

Podcast 400: Anja Schneider
XLR8R marks a milestone with the mistress of Mobilee.

Pop the cork! Strike up the band! But most importantly, strap on your headphones—XLR8R is celebrating its 400th podcast. And we’re pretty darn proud of the series, too. Our very first installment, fro…


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