Get Familiar: Machine Woman
Anastasia Vtorova talks about her route into electronics, her noise background, and soaking up influences from everywhere.

Anastasia Vtorova has an inquisitive mind. As Machine Woman, this musician from St. Petersburg, Russia transmutes her musical curiosity into wildly varied and experimental electronic music free from s…

Ion Ludwig: The Search Continues
One of the scene's most elusive characters sits down to share his story.

From Berlin’s Club der Visionaere to a historical Dutch city on the banks of the River IJssel, one of the scene’s most admired yet enigmatic characters sits down to tell William Ralston his story. Dev…

In the Studio: Milton Bradley
Marking his upcoming LP, the Berlin-based artist discusses gear, records, labels, and his main sources of inspiration.

Having been born and raised in Berlin, it’s clear that Milton Bradley’s dark and moody studio output is influenced by the city’s gloomy landscape. Over the past eight years, Bradley has become somethi…

Bubblin' Up: A Pleasure
Following a blissful debut album on Jaar's Other People, Mark Hurst discusses his inspirations and unique production methods.

Mark Hurst (a.k.a A Pleasure) divides his time between waiting tables and making music. While the former does not sound especially conducive to a successful career in the latter, it’s possible t…


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