Bubblin' Up: Hymns
Detailed conversations with one of the most exciting producers in contemporary electro.

Like off-kilter, warped electro? Then you’ll almost certainly appreciate the work of Hymns, Jacob Cusumano, a Melbourne-based DJ-producer whose “Water Acid” track featured in our top…

Premiere: Stream Hymns' Gorgeous Nagual Drift Debut
'NDFT002' will land on January 26.

One year after its first release, Nagual Drift is back with a new various artist compilation, featuring tracks from Hymns, Amnfx, Phonom, and more. Hymns, who featured in our list of 2017’s best…

XLR8R's Best of 2017: Tracks
We present just some of our favorite tunes of the last 12 months.

With our Best Releases of the year now out of the way, we move onto our best tracks. Discussion and debate on this list started several weeks ago when an internal message posted the question: what are…

XLR8R's Best of 2017: New Artists
We salute this year's breakthrough artists.

Collating the New Artists list is an unenviable task. How do you determine “new? It’s always a hard one using the word “best.” It’s never easy. But let it be said that 2017 was chall…


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