Podcast 472: Marco Shuttle
The Italian musician weaves together a tapestry of haunting textures and ethereal soundscapes.

When certain DJs take to the booth, you know you are in safe hands—their presence behind the decks feels natural and they are a pleasure to watch perform. It’s the complete experience. Over the past f…

XLR8R's Best of 2016: Releases
We run through our top albums and EPs of the year.

In this internet society, the one-hit-wonder is presented with the ultimate platform for international success. Sure, there’s plenty to be said in favor of those unforgettable tunes—the sort you can’t…

Serena Butler Debuts on Marco Shuttle's Eerie Imprint
'Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone' is scheduled for release on October 18.

Serena Butler will debut on Eerie this October. Marco Shuttle’s label Eerie was launched in 2012 and has since served as an outlet for his own music, as well as the likes of Healing Force Projec…


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