Studio Essentials: Octave One
The Burden Brothers detail their musical essentials for when they are on the road.

The Burden Brothers’ connection with their machines runs deep. Lenny and Lawrence, siblings from Detroit, are the core members of one of techno history’s most pivotal acts (with Lorne, Lynell and Lanc…

Studio Essentials: Healing Force Project
The Italian DJ-producer reveals the key tools behind his jazz-infused studio sound.

Healing Force Project is that of Antonio Marini, the Italian experimental musician who produces electronic music with “free-jazz” tastes. As it stands, there is not too much to say: beside…

Studio Essentials: Linkwood
The Edinburgh-based producer runs us through five essentials in his studio.

Linkwood’s career as a producer can be traced back to 2003 when he released “Miles Away” via Scottish label, Firecracker Recordings. The release, a three-track Various Artist EP, emerged w…


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