XLR8R's Best of 2016: Releases
We run through our top albums and EPs of the year.

In this internet society, the one-hit-wonder is presented with the ultimate platform for international success. Sure, there’s plenty to be said in favor of those unforgettable tunes—the sort you can’t…

SUED Drops SW. Album
'Sued 15' is out now.

SW. has released an album. Stefan Wust (a.k.a. SW.), co-founder of SUED alongside Sven Rieger (a.k.a. SVN), has taken care of the label’s first ever full-length release. Sued 15 appeared in Hard…

Acido Drops PG Sounds EP
'Versions' is out now.

Acido has released a new PG Sounds EP. PG Sounds is a collaborative project by Sven Rieger (better known as SVN) and Philip Gelberg. The duo have so far put out two records on Rieger’s SUED impr…

A Made Up Sound Thin Air EP
The Dutchman pulls out four wonky techno bangers for Delsin.

A decade after first stamping his mark on electronic music, Dave Huismans (a.k.a. A Made Up Sound) approach still carries the same surprise factor it did back then. Hailing from the Hague—a city that …

Dresvn Drops New EP on Honest Jon's
The bosses of covetable vinyl-only imprints Acido and Sued join forces once again.

With characteristically little fanfare, Dresvn has delivered a new EP on London imprint Honest Jon’s. The collaborative project of cult label heads Dynamo Dreesen (of Acido) and SVN (of Sued), D…


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