Laurel Halo In Situ
The producer creates eight graceful and atmospheric tracks for the Honest Jon's label.

With an obsessive determinism to sharpen her sonic palette, Laurel Halo finds a home at Honest Jon’s with a graceful and fascinating blueprint for releases yet to come on her latest, In Situ, a …

Podcast 404: Helena Hauff - roBOt Festival 2015 Edition
The Hamburg DJ serves up a stunning showcase in industrial acid techno.

Helena Hauff doesn’t really fit the mold of the modern-day electronic musician. She continues to reside in Hamburg and actively avoids the limelight; she doesn’t self-promote or even attempt to commun…

High Tides High Tides
This duo’s gentle indie-electronic waters are rising.

Despite being from sun-soaked Malibu, California, dream-pop duo High Tides bear close sonic resemblance to chilly Scotland’s Boards of Canada, with both pairs creating densely saturated synth melancho…

Q&A: Teenage Engineering
The Swedish synthesizer firm unveils its low-cost Pocket Operators.

Since unveiling its OP-1 portable music production machine in 2010, the Stockholm, Sweden-based Teenage Engineering has become something of a phenomenon in the electronic music world. The OP-1 meshed …

Korg Introduces the MS-20M Module Synthesizer Kit
The company resurrects the legendary MS-20—minus the keyboard.

The most recent in an increasingly long line of resurrections, Korg’s MS-20M brings the legendary MS-20 synth to your desktop in all its glory—minus the keyboard. It’s nearly identical to the or…


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