Influences 02: jitwam
An alluring collection of influential music from a rising Indian-born producer.

Last month, we launched a new podcast series called Influences with a journey into early easy listening material from Rod Modell (a.k.a. DeepChord). The series—for those that didn’t catch the fi…

20 Questions: Magda
The Polish-born DJ-producer talks Lionel Richie, PERM events, and Terry Riley.

Magda is another one of those artists who shouldn’t really need an introduction. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda has soaked up the various characteristics of her surroundings, learni…

Dauwd Announces Debut LP
'Theory Of Colours' LP is scheduled for June 2 release on Technicolour.

Dauwd Al Hilali (a.k.a Dauwd) is set to release his debut LP, titled Theory Of Colours. The US-born, Wales-raised artist has been releasing music for nearly six years on such noted labels as Ghostly I…

Photo Gallery and Review: Nuits Sonores
XLR8R heads to Lyon to see how Nuit Sonores fairs in its 14th edition.

Nuits Sonores has established itself as one of the premier festivals in France, giving way to multiple days of not only well-culled music, but also a platform for lectures, participatory “labs,” and i…

Vanguard: Irmin Schmidt
The man from Can releases an exhaustive retrospective of his astonishing post-band work.

“I’m sitting at my window, looking out at the Mediterranean Sea,” is the first sentence that Irmin Schmidt utters when XLR8R reaches him at his studio and home in the south of France. He s…

Vanguard: Jean-Michel Jarre
One of modern electronic music's founding fathers fills us in on his sprawling collaborative project, 'Electronica 1: The Time Machine.'

“There’s always that bloody question,” he says, a hint of resignation barely discernible in his urbane, heavily accented voice. “‘Why do are you making music with all the…


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