Virginia: On A Wave Of Inspiration
The multi-talented artist reveals her intimate story leading up to her first LP on Ostgut Ton.

Fresh off the release of her first LP with Ostgut Ton and subsequent summer touring, Virginia joins André Baum over a piece of cherry pie and a few cups of coffee in the Ostgut Ton offices to delve in…

In the Studio: Tobi Neumann
XLR8R spends an afternoon at Riverside Studios with a staple of the German electronic scene.

Having working previously as a composer for jingles and commercials, and with numerous collaborations with artists on the front line of electronic music under his belt, Tobi Neumann makes a perfect co…

Podcast 434: Cio D'Or
The German sound architect provides a dramatic hour of experimental techno.

Cio Dorbandt is a part of German techno’s furniture. Born in Hannover, she can now be found in Cologne, while over the course of a lengthy career she has stamped her mark on cities across the country,…


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