Podcast 524: Burnt Friedman
Mystical rhythms and worldly grooves from an experimental icon.

Within a few moments of experiencing Burnt Friedman’s music—whether a live set or his recorded output—it’s apparent that the German artist has crafted a singular style that is almost impossible to pla…

Burnt Friedman: Rhythmic Anomaly
The German experimental musician sets modern culture to rights.

As summer dawned on Berlin this year and the outdoor events program got underway, one particular coming together of artist and venue showed real promise: with its otherwise largely house-oriented cale…

Atom™ & Tobias: Non Standard Construction
XLR8R talks shop with one of the electronic music's most accomplished duos.

In an age that heralds DJs as the new rock stars, live performances of electronic music can often fall flat. Too frequently a repetition of stale ideas, it takes something really special to stand out—…


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